Monday, September 28, 2009

Kinetic Typography

I remembered watching videos dealing with type on youtube, while I saw a classmate working on a current flash project. I used to watch what they all Kinetic Typography on youtube all of the time. It was so interesting to see how people chose to work with type and movement.

The videos that have to do with song lyrics or movies scenes are my favorite, because I don't know what to expect. I may have one vision in my head about what they will do with the type and see a completely different one. Many of the videos have multiple versions, and it is fun to see what other people did with the type using the same words.

This is something that I feel would be very useful in videos where you are trying to get large groups to follow along. Maybe at a conference or convention of some sort? Instead of people just sitting and listening to someone talk or reading a plain non moving text on a screen, this would be interesting and interactive. It would force people to pay attention, because they wouldn't want to miss what was going to happen.

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