Wednesday, November 11, 2009

E-Commerce Site

YAY! My e-com site is done!

The website that Bri and I designed is an e-commerce site for greeting cards. People will be able to order and customize greeting cards from our website, "designyard". After researching many different types of greeting cards and stationary websites, we were able to decide what things we did like and what we didn't. We were also able to see what was working on these websites and what was not. This way we knew what we should incorporate into our own websites.

The main aspect of our site is allowing our customers to customize their designs. Not only will we be giving them a large quantity of templates, they will be able to make adjustments themselves. The customer will be able to change the color, customize text, and upload their own photographs. This will all be able to be done after they sign up on our website and become a member. As a member, they will also be able to submit their own designs to be considered by us for purchase and to be used on our site.

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